Welcome to Hungary!

Although we have no ocean or alpine regions, it is well worth making a visit to Hungary...
Despite of its small size Hungary has an abundance of natural attributes. If all the country's nature reserves and conservation areas were gathered together, the result would be an area of 520 000 hectares, that could compete with the world's largest national parks.
After Iceland Hungary has the world's largest reserve of surface thermal water. Of the 1300 springs discovered to date, about 80 can be found in the capital.
Despite frequent tragic upheavals the country boasts a heritage that attracts people from far and wide. Among the monuments there are Roman amphitheatres, genuine Turkish baths and palaces built in the special Hungarian variation of Art Nouveau.
Hungary, the country of Liszt, Lehár, Bartók and Kodály is a musical power. Our folk songs bear no resemblance to those of other nations. Our language is spoken nowhere else.
The importance for Hungarians of good food and wine is well demonstrated by the endless string of events related to them. There are apple days, cherry festivals, fish soup cooking and sausage stuffing competitions, onion and paprika festivals.
Hungarian people have been living in the centre of Europe for over 1100 years. Foreigners believe that Hungarians are cheerful, romantic, talented and above all warm- hearted.
There is just one thing you can't do in Hungary- be bored. Discover your heart for Hungary- we are at your service!