Thematic visits in Budapest for Individuals from 1 pax and for Groups

                                                                       Budapest -trekking in the city  
 " Hungarian style has not a past but it does have a future " Ödön Lechner, one of the most famous architect of Hungarian art nouveau."
Guided walking tour  to the most important representants of " Hungarian Art Nouveau style: Post- Office Savings Bank, Gresham Palace,  LIberty House, Museum of Applied Arts. Duration: 4 hours.       
Guided walking tour  to the three most interesting bathes of the capital:  Gellért Bath,  Széchenyi Bath, Király Bath.Duration.2 hours   
Visit of Liszt's last Budapest flat & visit to the MIska Róth Memorial House Museum -guided walking tour, duration: about 2 hours. 
The first museum is a reconstruction of Liszt's last Budapest flat on the first floor of the old Academy of Music, where the composer lived between 1881 and 1886. The collection of the museum contains his original instruments, furniture, his books, scores and some personal objects and memorabilia.

The second one is the  former house of Miksa Róth 1865-1944) Imperial and Royal court glass stainer artist
Miksa (Maximilian) Róth and his family lived in the building now housing the museum from 1910 until his death in 1944. The front building served as a dwelling house, while the three-storey building on the opposite side of the court gave home to the workshop where he together with 15-20 employees worked on the moasics and glass paintings. The furniture in the three rooms of the museum consists of the original furniture, carpets and antiquities of Miksa Róth.


Highlights of Budapest : guided walking tour to the State Opera House, to the Houses of Parliament and to the Palace of Arts. Duration: 4 hours.