Castle Hédervár

Famous artisans of the sixteenth century have started to erect the renaissance castle of the family Héderváry. They could hardly imagine their work being admired even in theTwentyfirst century. The exclusive castle hotel is today an island of peace. The exquisite cuisine, the ancient  wine cellar, the sophisticated conference room, the baroque chapel, the beautiful rooms and suites, the court with cosy ambiance and the huge English garden offer a noble environment for business meetings, social gatherings and family festivities.The castle is situated 85 kms from Vienna, and 165 kms from Budapest , in the vicinity of Győr. / Can be reached by public bus via Győr  + pick up- service from busstation.



Castle Puchner Bikal

The history of the Castle:
The idea of having a land property was strengthened in General Antal Puchner in 1839, when he wanted to know his properties in safe. The king granted him the Estate of Bikal, including three villages in 1841.
By the family archives Baron Antal Puchner visited his estate in May, 1841. Then there was neither mansion nor Castle on the land. The Baron fell in love with the estate lying at the feet of the Mecsek within the valleys of Hegyhát and began to build the Castle at the and of the 1840’s. There are no data of the exact time of it.
The family archive also gives only one datum concerning this, such as that after Hannibal, the son of the General had visited the estate in 1849, returning, he informed his father that the building is standing and there are only some smaller inside works upstairs left. The son of the General, Hannibal took over the estate in 1861, then the construction of the Castle and the establishment of the park began. The elder son of Hannibal, Charles had great plans on the enhancement and rebuilding of the Castle, but his plans were to be fulfilled by his young widow because of his early death.
The building gained its appearance as today, following the restoring works of 1889. 
 In this Castle you can have a bath in mineral water…
Among the shady trees of the park there is a spa house with panorama windows. You can find a basin equipped with different joy elements, bubble bath and pool for children. The water of the basins is rich in magnesium, natrium- hydrogen-carbonate, and minerals. It is 29°C warm.  The castle is situated in Southern Transdanubia, 185 kms from Budapest, only 50 kms from Pécs, 16 kms from Dombóvár.  Next to it you can also find a large Renaissance thematic park.     
Hungary's first Renaissance theme park is also to be found in the vicinity of Castle Puchner. The park, on an area of 7.5 hectares, opened after almost four years of preparations.